A License to Sleigh Oral Health Care Barriers: Top 5 ways to address common roadblocks to dental care

If you’ve ever seen A Christmas Carol, then you might recall Ebenezer Scrooge’s exuberant declaration that he does, indeed, believe in the holiday spirit. And he wants everyone to know it. The same could be said for your belief in expert oral health and regular, preventative care. But how do you convince current patients and prospects that taking care of their mouths is just as important as the rest of their body? 

Let’s talk about dental club memberships. Without them, you’ll continue to face traditional insurance dictating treatment. And your patients may feel they need to heed the PPO’s advice and not yours. Who wins in this case? Insurance. Your patient chooses subpar treatment, and you get stuck abiding by their recommended plan. 

There’s a better way to lift the barriers of oral care that doesn’t involve you losing to insurance, and won’t require a wild night time-traveling with spirits. We’re sharing the top 5 ways your membership club can address common hesitancies for dental treatment:

  1. Preventive Care is Cost-Effective

When you own and operate your club, you can include preventive dental services like regular check-ups, cleanings, and screenings. By bundling the services into a fixed cost, patients are more likely to prioritize this care, which can reduce the need for more expensive, unpredictable, treatments long-term. 

  1. Specialized Care is Within Reach

Specialized services, such as orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry, can be offered at discounted rates. Don’t forget, this is your club and you call the shots on services offered and pricing. This would help you expand the range of what you offer and attract more patients seeking both preventive and elective dental care needs. 

  1. Education is Key

When you run a club, you can empower your patients with educational resources to help them better understand and accept treatment. Focusing on educating, not lecturing, leads to more informed decisions about dental care – not to mention ownership over one’s decisions based upon your expert recommendations.  

  1. Cars Need Regular Oil Changes. People Need Regular Check-ups

Dental club packages make it much easier to schedule regular check-ups because they’re already baked into the pricing. And when you see your patients regularly, early detection and intervention shine, preventing the escalation of major issues.

  1. Flexibility is the Name of the Game       

Nobody likes to be forced into a plan that doesn’t fit their needs, and this is where memberships become rockstars for your patients. By allowing individuals to choose plans that suit their unique needs and budget, you can accommodate a diverse range of clientele, making dental care inclusive and accessible to all. 
Lifting the barriers to dental care invites patients to see the true magic professionals like you can perform. Like Scrooge, you can help spread the joy, and affordability, of taking care of one’s oral health. Memberships are a great tool in helping you sleigh any road block to your mission to help your patients. 

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