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Reinventing Dentistry One Practice at a Time

“Insurance reimbursements are a mere fraction of my UCRs. By offering my own private membership club using illumitrac’s software, I’ve now got a real option for patients who don’t have dental insurance.”

Cathy Taylor, DMD
Gainesville, FL

“We created the Cornerstone Membership Program because we knew patients without dental insurance still needed quality dental care. Since launching the response has been overwhelming. Adding illumitrac software to manage and automate everything was a no brainer.”

Joe (Jody) Griffin, DDS
Knoxville, TN

“Our in-house program encourages preventive care which keeps our patients out of trouble. It benefits them while also benefitting us so that everybody wins. The best part is that the illumitrac software made the entire process turn-key.”

Tom Fisher, DDS & Arnold Ma, DDS
Charlotte, NC

“Our membership club has been very well received by our patients. The software is extremely user friendly and has made starting our own program a seamless process. A big benefit is that it automates everything and makes a relatively hands-off process for our team here.”

Lael Banner, DDS & Brant Banner, DDS
Seattle, WA & Tumwater, WA

“Our uninsured patient’s love, love, love that we offer our own program. They’ve said it is a no brainer. The illumitrac software makes the whole thing super easy to run!”

Karla Clader, Office Manager
Montrose, CO

“Since launching our own program, the increase in patient loyalty to the practice has been fantastic! I really like that illumitrac’s software handles all the automated, monthly billings, receipts and management. Makes it easy for my front office... we just get a check every month!”

Mark Palmer, DDS
Dallas, TX

“Offering our Braden Dental Center program has been very helpful to keep our uninsured patients current with recall. I’d say it really benefits us in the front office because the illumitrac software manages the financial aspect of it all. Having our own membership club is giving us a much better opportunity to become insurance independent.”

Diedre Hardwick, Administrative Assistant
Lake Geneva, WI

“If you’re looking to become insurance independent and start your own membership club, there’s no better way to run it then with illumitrac’s software. Having a program for your uninsured patients keeps them coming back again and again.”