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Automating your own dental membership club with software has never been easier!

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Software built for your dental membership club.

We’ve removed all barriers to successful dental subscription club management. Our comprehensive software features a “we’ve-thought-of-everything” dashboard and simple patient sign-up from any device. The result: software that enables you to effortlessly automate your dental membership club.

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Why illumitrac software?

illumitrac is the only subscription software company that helps independent practices like yours create, automate and grow a successful white-label dental membership club that is 100% owned by you. You read that right. It's your club, not ours. They're your members. Not ours.

Take A Deeper Look
Take A Deeper Look
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Features (that are flippin' awesome!)

  • Resources?
    Yup, customizable brochures, posters and e-templates.
  • Support?
    Of course, free support sure to grow your club.
  • Patient gets new card?
    Done, it’ll be auto-updated.
  • Compliant?
    Absolutely, fully PCI Level 1 and HIPAA Compliant.

Reviews from Dental Practices Across the Nation ❤️

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"My uninsured patients are not second class. I created HoustonCare to help them budget while bringing my practice into today’s subscription economy. illumitrac software automates the entire thing!”
Dr. Tom Houston
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Questions? Answered!

It is a monthly subscription payment arrangement (or "membership") you offer to your uninsured patients for preventive care services rendered by your office in return for the patient’s pledge to remain a loyal patient and return for future services. This makes regular, preventive, dental care affordable for your uninsured patients while increasing your collections inside your uninsured/cash patient group.

There is a one-time fee to purchase an illumitrac software license. After that the ongoing cost is zero dollars. We’re serious! See the next question below.

Our pricing model ensures you get to price your club the way you want it. The software will evaluate a portion of your fee-for-service schedule. Next, it will recommend highly profitable monthly subscription amounts for your practice that you ultimately decide on. Finally, the software adds in an average of $3-4/month, per member to the amount your patients pay thus allowing you to collect 100% of your full fee. (This is how illumitrac makes money while covering all merchant fees, software maintenance, updates and ongoing support.) This model allows you to offer your own subscription membership using the industry’s leading dental membership software at no added cost to your business!

In a subscription membership club, patients pay your office a direct monthly fee for preventive care services, and your office may offer a courtesy or loyalty incentive to patient members. In a discount dental plan, patients pay your office or a third party a fee for access to discounted services in your office and/or other participating offices. The subscription membership model is always a direct relationship between your office and your patient.

Nope. illumitrac software is, well... software! Once you purchase an illumitrac software license, it’s yours to use as often or as infrequently as you’d like. No contract. No monthly fees. No third party involvement.

Click "Get Pricing & Demo" and fill out the short form. You’ll be given the option to schedule a Q&A call if you’d like. For those that are ready to dive in, you can purchase the software immediately and a membership club growth advisor (yes, a real person!) will reach out to guide you through a quick and easy setup process. You’ll get inspiration on what to name your club and a thorough pricing analysis to help you know how much to charge your patients. You are always the final say because it’s your club. The turnaround time is quick which means you’ll be able to start adding patients via your office admin dashboard right away.

Great question. It is certainly not for everyone. It may be for you if any of the following resonate: “I’m an independent dentist. I’m in-network with a few insurances but in a perfect world I would be totally fee-for-service. I have no intention of joining (another) third party network or plan. I get a little bit excited when I read the term, ‘Cut out the insurance middleman’. I’ve thought about doing my own in-house membership for years yet have never got it off the ground. I want my membership to be my own, affiliated with my practice’s name/brand alone. I want to own my patient list alone as well as the relationship with them (vs relying on a third party). I want software to assist me in doing my own thing.”

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Aren’t you just a little bit curious?

14 Day Risk-Free Trial Now Available