Your illumitrac Membership Club, Your Way

illumitrac software’s cloud-based program allows you to create, manage, and grow your customizable membership club. From fully automated payment processing to an intuitive dashboard, you’ll have everything you need.

Automate Your Membership Club With illumitrac software

Join thousands of dentists who have created their own dental membership clubs using illumitrac software. We’ve designed our user-friendly program with your success as the driving force. Explore the benefits that make our software the best addition to your practice. 

White-Label Membership Club

From the patient sign-up page to the receipts, we provide a white-label approach to your membership club. Improve patient relationships and increase their loyalty to your practice by being at the forefront of money-saving solutions. illumitrac software remains unseen but continuously working for your benefit. 

Effortless Patient Sign Up

Patients can easily join your membership club – either online 24/7 or in your office – in 90 seconds or less. Witness the real-time growth of your club and reap the rewards of a flourishing practice. We even offer customizable marketing materials you can send out to current or prospective patients. 

 Easy Management

Your membership club is fully automated. From processing payments to sending receipts to notifying patients of missed appointments to updating patient information, we take care of just about everything on your behalf. You don’t need the stress of managing a club on your own. Let us handle that, so you can manage your practice.

Robust Dashboard

You have access to 24/7 at-a-glance statistics with your dashboard. You can see details about your club, including an active membership numbers breakdown, revenue generated, and more. We make it easy for you to understand the value of your patients and the profits of your personal membership club. 

 Ongoing Training 

Once you create your membership club, you’ll receive continuous customer support. We provide training to your entire team. With our help, you can promote your membership club in a way your patients understand. Our training videos are based on best practices from our most successful clients. 

Live & Virtual Customer Support

We’re here for you. From technical questions to helping you navigate illumitrac software, our client support team will help you every step of the way. Our team is readily available to answer your questions and make creating your own dental membership club a smooth experience.

What is Subscription Dentistry?

Subscription dentistry is an arrangement between you and your patients. Through a subscription club, you offer them coverage on their preventive services and discounts on elective services. It keeps them on your books by paying for their cleanings and exams through their monthly club fees. Plus, you have greater revenue since they are paying for other treatments out of pocket. You’ll have fewer cancellations, since insurance is no longer the primary factor determining whether your patients can pursue treatments. 

How is it Different From a Discount Plan?

When you create a membership club subscription, your patient pays a monthly fee for coverage on their preventive services and other incentives at your practice. With a discount plan, your patients pay you or a third party a fee for access to deals you offer at your practice. Unfortunately, this usually means you have an outside company getting involved in your business. When you create your club through illumitrac software, no one will get in the middle of the relationship between you and your patient. We simply provide the software and support you need to grow your practice and your revenue.

Straightforward Pricing

You can begin your customized membership club today. When you make your purchase, you won’t have to worry about added charges or hidden fees. 

  • Collect 100 percent of your fees
  • Cut out the insurance middle man
  • Double your case acceptance and increase patient loyalty
  • Avoid the hassle of discount plans
  • Enjoy ongoing support from your Club Success Coach 
  • Experience revenue growth by offering an insurance alternative

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