Grow Your Practice With a Customized Dental Membership Club

Let us help you create a membership club that benefits your practice and your patients. Whether you accept insurance or not, whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a DSO, you can experience revenue growth not dictated by insurance companies. 

Discover the illumitrac software Difference: Your Partner in Practice Growth

Thousands of dentists across the country have turned to illumitrac software to start their customized membership club. With benefits including an intuitive user interface, an automated payment processing system, and personalized club coaching, we’ve become the top choice in subscription dentistry.

We Help Dental Practices Like Yours

If you are tired of having patients miss appointments because of the lack of insurance, and you want to improve your case acceptance, it’s time to start a membership club. You don’t have to let insurance companies dictate your relationships with your patients. Plus, by offering coverage for preventive services, paid for by your patients’ monthly membership fees, you gain greater profits. Your patients are more likely to pursue other treatments too, such as restorative or cosmetic solutions. 

Offer an Insurance Alternative

You want what’s best for your patients. You don’t want their dental health controlled by an insurance company. However, that’s how many patients determine whether they can afford to pursue treatment. Creating a membership club gives them an alternative to dental insurance. Their monthly fees cover the costs of their biannual cleanings and exams, making them feel more valued and improving their oral health. They won’t have to worry about losing their insurance or avoiding treatment because of the lack of it.

Build Your Membership Club Through illumitrac software

 Independent practices like yours want full control of their business without a third party involved. Creating your own membership club through illumitrac means you maintain the relationship with your patients. It’s your practice, and it’s your club.


Everything from the receipts to marketing materials will have your dental practice name and your unique club name. You have complete ownership of your club, including your patient’s information. Your club is 100 percent owned by you, not by us.


Your Club Success Coach will assist you in tailoring the club to your specifications, including the pricing. Once your patients become members, they can access exclusive rewards and benefits across various club options. All designed by you.

Clear Pricing

You pay one time for access to the software. That’s all. We’ll help you set a pricing structure that is reasonable for your patients and ideal for your practice revenue. Best of all, you keep 100 percent of your profits without paying additional fees.

Intuitive Software

Our software is engineered to be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless and easy-to-use experience as you grow your membership club. We are dedicated to providing you with support throughout your entire journey.

Your illumitrac Membership Club, Your Way

  • Streamlined Automation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Increased Patient Loyalty
  • Easy-to-Understand Dashboard
  • Ownership of Your Patient List
  • No Minimum Membership Requirements

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