We know subscription dentistry like nobody else.

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    A decade-long record of excellence. Multiply that by the number of satisfied customers (see below) and it’s no wonder that we’ve become the industry’s leading membership club software platform, empowering practices and their patients to become more independent and profitable. Why, we even coined the term “subscription dentistry.” Snappy, no?

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    Thousands of satisfied customers representing all 50 states. illumitrac software isn’t a regional thing. It’s a nationwide-phenomenon type of thing. That’s because practices of all sizes and descriptions know a successful membership program when they experience one.

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    $100 million in monthly dues processed. Do the math. (Whelp, OK, looks like we did it for you there.) The point is, big revenues are what happens when you use illumitrac software to automate your membership club and no third-party between you and your patients.

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    Because we're software, your patients will never know our name. But you surely should.

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    Connections count. Some of the industry's largest organizations have specifically chosen to partner with us because they value their customers and know serious depth of experience is indispensable.

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Hi, I’m Katrina!

I work on illumitrac software's onboarding team and look forward to helping you setup your very own membership club soon!