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Our streamlined design, marketing support, and customizable club makes our software one of the best additions to your practice. Schedule a live demo, and we’ll show you what’s possible. Begin your future in dentistry now.

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  • 14-day risk-free trial of illumitrac software
  • Expert pricing analysis (how to price your club)
  • No contracts, no monthly fees

Illumitrac is the Nation’s Leading Dental Industry’s Software Provider

  • Because our pricing structure is a cost-plus model. We have a hand-in-hand approach; illumitrac only makes money when you grow your club. Customers never pay for software they are not using. 
  • THE most customizable solution on the market. When we say your club your rules, we mean it. Your landing page can now be customized to your office’s branding
  • Unlimited support and training
  • Ongoing marketing resources provided (brochure templates, digital graphics, videos, mp3 hold line messaging, email templates, all completely free)


What is subscription dentistry?

It is a monthly subscription payment arrangement (or “membership”) you offer to your uninsured patients. It covers preventive care services rendered by your office in return for the patient’s pledge to remain loyal and return for future services. As a result, preventive dental care becomes affordable for your uninsured patients and increases your revenue within your uninsured/cash patient group.

What is the ongoing cost of using the software?

There is a one-time fee to purchase an illumitrac software license. After, the ongoing cost is zero dollars. We’re serious! See the next question below.

How is this possible?

Our pricing model ensures you price your club the way you want it. The software will evaluate a portion of your fee-for-service schedule. Next, it will recommend highly profitable monthly subscription amounts that you ultimately decide on. Finally, the software adds in an average of $3-4 per month per member within the amount your patients pay. Thus, you collect 100 percent of your full fee. It’s how illumitrac covers all merchant fees, software maintenance, updates, and ongoing support. This allows you to offer your own subscription membership using the industry’s leading dental membership software at no added cost to your business.

How is a subscription membership club different from a discount dental plan?

In a subscription membership club, patients pay your office a direct monthly fee for preventive care services. Your office may offer a courtesy or loyalty incentive to patient members, such as discounts on elective services. In a discount dental plan, patients pay your office or a third party a fee for access to discounted services in your office and/or other participating offices. The subscription membership model always involves a direct relationship between your office and your patient.

Is there a contract?

Nope. illumitrac software is, well… software! Once you purchase an illumitrac software license, it’s yours to use as often or infrequently as you’d like. There’s no contract. No monthly fees. No third-party involvement

I’m on board, but how does it all work?

Click “Get Live Demo” and fill out the short form. You’ll be given the option to schedule a demo call. If you are ready to dive in, you can purchase the software immediately and a membership club growth advisor (yes, a real person!) will reach out to guide you through a quick and easy setup process. You’ll get inspiration on what to name your club and a thorough pricing analysis to determine how much to charge your patients. You always get the final say because it’s your club. With our quick turnaround time, you can start signing patients up for your membership club right away.

How do I know if illumitrac software is right for me?

Great question. It is certainly not for everyone. It may be for you if any of the following resonate: 

Will illumitrac software work with my current practice software?

Yes! Our user-friendly software merges seamlessly with your existing practice management software. It’s meticulously designed with your success in mind, so all you have to focus on is increasing your profits.

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