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Help for Dental Patients

What is illumitrac software?

illumitrac software is, well… software! More specifically, your dental office purchased the software to set up and automate their own, in-house membership club for their patients without dental insurance.

Who do I speak to about my dental office’s Membership Club?

Your dental office! Questions regarding your membership status or monthly subscription are handled by your dental office. Because your relationship is with your dental office (and not our software company), you’ll need to speak with them directly.

You may view your payment history and personally manage your billing settings by logging into your dental office’s Membership Club Portal.

Where do I find my dental office’s Membership Club Portal?

You’ll find a link in the “Welcome“ email you received when you first registered for your dental office’s membership club. Your dental office may also have a button on their website. Or simply contact your dental office directly for help.

Please visit our FAQs or schedule a demo for more information if you are a new practice.

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